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Spritzer Time in Tallahassee


It’s getting hot. In Tallahassee and the smart money is turning on the power at their summer home in the mountains. For the rest of us, the heat is coming and all signs are pointing to a hot summer. If you drink, (and considering the state of the world, why not?) welcome to spritzer season.

For me, a spritzer is some sort of fruit, muddled, mixed with white rum and finished with soda water. The rum of choice for the new Puerto Rican side of my family seems to be Don Q. Here’s how I make an apricot spritzer:

    Start with a ripe apricot. Get an organic one if you can. Pit it and chop into 1/2 to 1/4 inch 6 – 13mm) chunks with the peel on. Use something to smoosh up the fruit in the bottom of a tall glass.

If you have a sweet tooth, add some sugar, cane syrup, honey or the like. Do it to taste. Stir to mix. Add some white rum. A jigger is a good starting point. Give it a stir, fill the glass with ice, finish with carbonated water. You can finish with a slice of lime if you’re feeling frisky.

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