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Thanksgiving, 2012 – It’s all about the broth.

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I have a beautiful family, a home surrounded by friends, and a life full of love.


I’m especially to have the TallyCast and it’s sister sites back up and running. The sites were subject to a code injection attack, and have been down for a few months now. Thanks to a talented eLancer, Emily, and a few dollars, the problems are gone and hopefully won’t be back.

I’m spending the holiday far away from Tallahassee and my Florida family and friends, on the island of Maui, visiting my Hawaiian family.

This year, instead of a turkey in the oven, we’re working on a low country boil; potatoes, sausage, corn, onions and seafood in a deep and rich broth. It’s going to be ono which is how you say delicious in Hawaiian.

While we should think of our less fortunate neighbors every day, Thanksgiving is a good time to remember that the difference between the comfort of a home and the challenges of being homeless is a very think line.


My wish for each of you is health, happiness and love.

The Thank You photo is from Flickr user vistamommy and was distributed under a Creative Commons attribution license. The photograph of the Volunteers of America soup kitchen patron was taken in 1936 by the US Farm Security Administration.

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