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Is the Republican Primary a re-do of Gilligan’s Island?


Watching politics is often entertaining. This year’s Republican primary is especially fun to watch. Recently I realized that the candidates have direct parallels with the characters of the 1960’s television sitcom, Gilligan’s Island. There’s Mitt Romney who could step right into the role of Thurston Howell II, the elitist gazillionaire, Rick Santorium who is not that different than the clueless Gilligan and think of Sarah Palin as the naive but cute Mary Jane.

The crazy professor; duh! Newt Gingrich and the cranky Captain, Ron Paul. That leaves Ginger. I considered Michelle Bachman for the role because of her limited connection with reality but she just doesn’t have sexy femme fatale vibe.

Sadly, the entertainment will soon be over and like the 60’s sitcom, fade from our minds. Meanwhile, I’m popping the corn and sitting back being amused.

Bob Denver photo by Vaporlalibre via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Bachman is so Ginger. Take off twenty years and twenty pounds, give her red hair and a better disposition. It would be a perfect match.

  2. Turns out that I was not the only one who saw the similarities – Check out this article from the Huffington Post:

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