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Something good to do with hot peppers

Every year, about this time, I often find myself blessed with an abundance of hot peppers and am looking for something to do with them. Over the weekend, I scored some scotch bonnet peppers from my son’s garden, jalapeño’s from my garden and a bag of red, green and yellow mushroom peppers from a friend.

I stemmed, cored and chopped them. Removing the seeds and white pith from inside hot peppers lowers the heat by several notches.

When I was done cleaning and trimming the peppers, I gave them a sprinkle of salt and set them aside. I had about 3 cups of chopped peppers.

In a wok, I heated up some (about 1/4 cup) of pomace oil. I put in the peppers along with a head of garlic, separated into cloves and run through a press.

I turned the gas down to it’s lowest setting and poached the peppers until they were soft. I turned the peppers out into a mixing bowl and returned the dry wok to the fire.

Two cups of frozen corn kernels were cooked in the wok until they were barely warm. This was added to the mixing bowl.

A couple of basil tops and some pumpkin flowers were chiffonaded and added to the bowl. A splash of balsamic was added, the mixture stirred and left to rest. Prior to service, I added some finely chopped raw onion and garnished with more pumpkin blossom chiffonade.

That’s it; easy peasy and very tasty. It’s totally vegan and completely delicious.

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  1. The above recipe sounds so yummy!!

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