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Eating at the Telford.

Things change faster in Florida than anyplace I’ve ever been. New highways cross the state spurring the growth of suburban sprawl. Malls come and go. Tourists have come from the beginning. These days, they’re mostly heading for the big attractions in Orlando, the cruise ports or popular beaches. In the early 1900’s, when the scale of tourism was a bit smaller, North Florida and South Georgia were important tourism destinations. While many of those early tourism spots have disappeared (Wakulla Beach), the Suwanee river city of White Springs is a bit of a time capsule; not much different than it was back in 1902 when ground was broken for the Telford Hotel.

The Telford receives mixed reviews from friends, family and foodies in my life. For some, it’s missing the invention, flavors and flair of current culinary styles. For me, it’s a an good example of the delicious southern cuisine. Yes, the green beans are well cooked, but they’re seasoned with smoked pork and black pepper and totally delicious. The fried chicken is crisp, juicy and delicious. If you come for Sunday supper, the buffet will include a whole turkey, roast beef and ham carved to order.

The Telford is open for lunch from Monday thru Thursday and for lunch, supper and dinner Friday thru Sunday. Rooms at the Telford stay booked so if you want to spend the night, book early.

Telford web site.

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