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Big Brother at the Seafood Market?

With the growth of the surveillance industry, cameras are showing up all kinds of unusual places. Of course, the TSA nudie cam’s are big news, but stores, banks, the post office and intersections, especially intersections, all have cameras sticking out somewhere.  Then there are the “red light” cameras; little robots waiting, patiently waiting for some pilgrim to slip through and put a little money in the City’s pocket and a little money in the contractors pocket.  The cops will tell you that red light cameras prevent accidents and save lives but from my perspective, they’re evil and a waste of money that could be spent on something much more useful like parks or sidewalks or bike lanes.

None the less, we’re all getting pretty blasé about our photos being taken of us when we’re out and about.  However, when I saw a State of Florida surveillance camera sitting in a local seafood shop, I was taken aback.

Meet the Sun Surveillance Soltice Wireless IP Camera.  It’s manufactured by a South Carolina company and this one was sitting on a shelf at Southern Seafood in Market Square taking photos of customers and staff.

Most interesting to me about the camera was a State of Florida property tag on the unit.  What possible reason could the state have to be monitoring business at a seafood market?

It turns out that the camera and several others installed at other seafood markets and restaurants around Florida are part of a marketing campaign to assure seafood buyers that Florida seafood is still safe to eat and still in demand after the catastrophic Gulf Horizon BP oil spill.  Whether or not the use of recovery money in this way did anything to sell more seafood is, as far as we know, undetermined.

In the meantime, the Southern Seafood web cam seems to have disappeared off the Florida Department of Agriculture’s Seafood Marketing web site, but several others are still available here.

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  1. That is quite strange that they would have the cameras in the Market. I am still unsure what purpose they really serve? they are trying to see if there are people in the store so they correlated that with the industry being strong? hmm very Strange.

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