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Kiefer Classic 2011

Tallahassee, Fl, Dec 16th, 2010. Four unlikely alliances have teamed up to help fund emergency treatment for sudden brain injuries. On January 23rd, 2011, Tallahassee Big Dog Rescue, Wilson Family Medicine, Fairview Middle School & Ballers On are happy to announce “The Kiefer Classic 2011”, a benefit wrestling show with portions of the ticket proceeds going to the University of Florida’s Shands Hospital Neuro In…tensive care unit.

Susan Lynn Kiefer is the Sister to local independent wrestler Scott “Storm” Goodlin. She is the mother to 3 children; Cody (who has Downs Syndrome) Arron & Brayden. Cody & Arron enjoy many different things but the one thing they both enjoy more than anything is the time the family spends together, especially when wrestling is on. Arron’s favorite is John Cena while Cody prefers The Undertaker.

On Memorial Day of 2009, 3 month old Brayden Robert Kiefer, had died during the night. Eight months later, on February 4, 2010, while riding in a car with a friend, Susan abruptly became unresponsive. As her friend pulled the car over, She realized that Susan wasn’t breathing. She started performing CPR until the paramedics arrived. It was deemed that Susan had suffered Cardiac Arrest (she was only 35 years old). She was taken to the local hospital in Pensacola Fl, & diagnosed with an Aneurysm on the Brain Stem. After testing, there was nothing they could do at that facility, so she was airlifted to Shand’s Hospital in Gainsville, Florida. As the family gathered in Gainsville, Susan survived 12 days before being pronounced Brain Dead on February 16, 2010. She was an organ donor, saving 5 people including a 16 YO girl who received her heart.

The First annual “Kiefer Classic” was held in Tallahassee, Fl in memory of Susan to assist the family in the funeral cost. Her Father, Husband, Kids, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews were all in attendance. Some of the best that Independent Wrestling has to offer today donated their time and energy free of charge to participate including “MD3” Morgan Davis , ½ of “First String” AJ Strokes, “Mr Pump Yo Brakes” Steve Goins, Jake Slater, and the eventual winner “The Port City Prodigy” Dallas Riley.

This year will be a Tag Team Tournament with teams coming in from all over the country to participate.


Fairview Middle School
3415 Zillah Street

Tickets are as folllows:

General Admission- $10.00
Police, Fire, EMS, Active or Retired Military & Students (ALL WITH PROPER ID) – $8.00

(Shoot “Storm” Goodlin a message for Adv. Tix Sales)


General Admission- $15.00

Police, Fire, EMS, Active or Retired Military & Students (ALL WITH PROPER ID) – $10.00

Fans with Disabilities- Free

For More information, Click Here

“Storm” is an Independent wrestler that is also very active in the progressive movement here in Florida. He enjoys working for Animal Rights & Clear accountable politics


  1. I hope to be there and just as I did with GAWF, I’m bringing my camera.

  2. Can’t believe I left the “L” off my name. Good grief!

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