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The Best Little Soda Fountain in Florida

Greg Cohen preparing an amazing sugar-free egg cream using their vintage soda pulls.

Lofty Pursuits has long been the place for folks who juggle, do amazing things with yo-yos or like to play with kites.  Now it’s also a destination for Tallahassee foodies.  The Market Square shop hosted a grand opening of their new and wonderful soda fountain this past Saturday.

The shop features ice cream creations and fountain drinks made from artesanal Florida made ice cream and homemade syrups served from a vintage soda fountain counter.  The shop looks for the finest local fruit and even buys local unhomogenized milk from a farm in Blountstown.  It doesn’t get any more local, any fresher or any more delicious than that.

Being somewhat “sugar challenged”, I congratulated owner Greg Cohen on his newly expanded business during my grand opening visit but told him that sadly, nothing on his menu was on my diet.  He smiled, pulled out his menu and showed me the “No Sugar Added” section with carbohydrate figures for each item.  The shop also features vegan products (including a rice based whipped “cream” that tastes as good as anything that came out of Daisy), and a gluten free menu.

A sugar-free chocolate egg cream later and I’m hooked.  Greg and his crew do an amazing job with fresh, local ingredients.

Lofty pursuits is located in the Market Square shopping center.  They’re open from 11AM to 10PM Monday to Saturday and
12Noon to 8PM Sunday.  You can find their menu and more about both their soda fountain and the toy store by visiting

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