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Gaines Street Voodoo

Voodoo Dog - Photo by TallyCast

A year or so back, I reviewed three hot dog vendors in Tallahassee. That little article is my all-time most read posting. Every day the article gets a few hits and on some days it gets hundreds.

So it seems that TallyCast readers care about their dogs. Recently, a new hot dog stand appeared on the Tallahassee culinary scene. It’s called Voodoo Dog and it’s good. The small cafe is located on Macomb Street just south of Gaines.

Voodoo Dog - Photo by TallyCast

Voodoo Dog offers a wide variety of dogs and toppings along with burgers and the usual soft drink suspects. The speciality of the house is an all beef hot dog, wrapped in bacon and deep-fried. The combination is brilliant and while perhaps, not exactly health food, it is delicious.

There is a lot of goodness on the menu but my favorite is the “Wake and Bake”; a deep fried bacon wrapped dog topped with a fried egg and cheese.

For those who avoid eating anything that ever had a face, vegetarian dogs are available. Sadly, beer is not. Also on the minus side are the styrofoam take-out containers. It might be a bit more messy, but I’d rather have my to-go dogs wrapped in paper or recyclable foil.

Voodoo Dog is located at 805 S. Macomb Street in Tallahassee. They are open from 11 a – 4p Mon-Thur and 11 a – 10p on Fri. & Sat. Closed Sundays. They accept cash and plastic.

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