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The two men in the photo with Gov. Holland are: Director of the Highway Patrol, Jesse J. Gilliam on left and Capt. I. Olin Hill (FHP) holding the signs. Photo circa 1943.

This image is from the Florida Memory Project.  Spessard L. Holland was the 28th Governor of Florida; serving from 1941 to 1945.  He led the state during the Second World War.  He was a big brain.  He qualified as a Rhodes Scholar but instead of spending time in academia, he volunteered for service in the great war.  Holland eventually became an aerial spy; taking photos behind enemy lines from a small plane.

After serving as Governor of Florida, Holland served as a United States Senator from Florida.  The name of Spessard L. Holland lives on with a few buildings, parks and schools named after him.  The law firm he started has morphed into today’s Holland and Knight; an international law firm based in Tallahassee.

Governor Holland might be best remembered as having been the force behind the creation of the Florida Game and Fish Commission.

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