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Far Eastern Cuisine

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I missed going to Vietnam during the war because of a bad attitude, a high draft number and my willingness to serve in VISTA.  I don’t think I missed much in the war department, but I’m sorry I’ve not yet gotten to experience Vietnamese cuisine in it’s place of birth.  I’ve almost made up for that by trying it in the US, Japan and Europe.  From my experience, the cuisine is a unique blend of Asian and European flavors and ingredients.  While they don’t have a whole lot of competition in Tallahassee, the folks who run the Far Eastern Cuisine do a respectable job of representing Vietnamese food.

I’ve written about the Far Eastern in the past.  It was tasty then and tasty now.  My recommendations are the sandwiches with paté, the pho, and especially the yellow chicken curry.  The curry has a coconut and chicken broth base with some very rich but not overpowering spices.  The chicken in the Far Eastern offering are medallions of thigh meat, cooked perfectly.  It’s a soup, the thickness of a bisque.  You can get it with a side of rice, French bread or vermicelli.  I recommend the vermicelli and remember that sriracha was invented in Vietnam.

Far Eastern Cuisine
3425 Thomasville Road, Carriage Gate Center,
Tallahassee, FL 32309

(850) 907-9400


  1. Did you try the Phở? I had some really great phở when I was in Seattle. I didn’t realize there was any place in town I could get it. I’m going to hit that place up as soon as I get a chance.

  2. They have excellent pho; much better than what is offered at the place on Pensacola St.

  3. When I moved to Ottawa and was looking for a place to live, one of the things that counted as highly favorable when deciding to move into the place I eventually chose, was that there was a Vietnamese place right down the street. The food is a delight.

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