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Brand new in 1950, the Hotel Duval.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Twitter, Facebook and the local media, you may not know that the swank new Hotel Duval recently opened it’s doors.  Actually, the hotel is just one in a series of hotels occupying the concrete building at the corner of Monroe and Virginia streets.  The new owners remodeled and added on to a old building that was originally opened as the “Duval Regency Hotel” in 1950. For a few years, it was the Tallahassee Radison Hotel and I have a vague memory of FSU using the building as offices and graduate student apartments in the 1970’s.


The new Hotel Duval may be a bit on the fancy side, but back in 1950, the Town House Coffee Shop was the very definition of swank.

The new hotel features SHULA’S 347 GRILL, the local outlet of a chain of restaurants based in Miami Lakes.  There’s also a rooftop lounge and a street level cafe.  When the original Hotel Duval opened in  this building in 1950, the Town House Coffee Shop was the epitome of swank.

Photo of Hotel Duval in 1950 by the late Forrest Granger.  Photo of the Town House Coffee Shop by Harvey Slade.  Both photos from the Florida State Archives.

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  1. I think that the FSU Education department was located in this building at one time; or at least some of their offices. I bet the “sky lounge” or whatever they call it would have been popular with those people.

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