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Operation Filmmaker Goes Science! Student Premier Gala

385px-Old_cameraOur sleepy little city is quickly turning into a nexus for film and video production. Victor Nunez is our local film making hero, but we have a whole host of young folks who are working on finding their own vision and creating their own works.

When you think about student film projects in Tallahassee, the FSU School of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts immediately comes to mind.  While there are some very talented students and faculty in that program, it’s not the only game in town.

This summer, in a program sponsored by the Tallahassee based  Character and Heritage Institute, local middle school students made a series of science documentaries.  The program consists of 7 student made science documentary videos. This is an excellent opportunity to catch new talent early.

The films are being screened this Saturday; June 27th at the FSU National High Magnetic Field Lab at 1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive in Innovation Park from 7:30 until 9PM.

Map to the MagLab.

The camera image is by Andrew Butko and is distributed under Creative Commons attribution and share-alike licenses.

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