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Thinking (and Shopping) Locally


Nicholas Negroponte - Photo by Gin Kai, U.S. Naval Academy, Photographic Studio

There are a lot of businesses who are very happy to take your hard earned money.  If you’re like most folks, some of them are based a long way from home.  This is a time that our economic system is getting a good shaking.   In his paradigm shifting book, “Being Digital“, Nichcolas Negroponte (Chairman Emeritus of the MIT Medial Lab) talks about a concept he calls ‘disintermediation’.  Negroponte suggests that technology is making the manufacture to consumer channel more efficient and is reducing the number of distributors, warehouses and other intermediaries in the channel.

Between the downturn in the economy and the rise of the big box stores, times are tough for some local business.  Now don’t get me wrong; some local businesses deserve tough times.  There are, however, the local shops and service providers that we would really miss, if they were to go away; driven out of business by prices a few dollars lower at a big box store.

I like shopping at locally owned businesses.  I believe that more of the money I spend at locally owned businesses is invested back into the community.  I like knowing that the owners are people right here in town who, I hope, spend their money at other locally owned businesses.  I don’t buy a lot of appliances, but when I do, I shop at a local store I’ve been doing business with for 30 years.  I like it that I can chat the owner up about his pigeon racing hobby.  Trying doing that at a big box store.  I like it that when the washer breaks down or the refrigerator starts making funny noises, I can call the shop and they’ll send out an technician.

I like eating locally too.  My local food co-op does their best to buy local produce, meats, milk, cheese and more.  Home grown tomatoes might cost a few cents more than the mealy alternatives at the chain grocery, but they taste a whole lot better.

The 3/50 Project is dedicated to saving local brick and mortar businesses.  The premise is simple.  Think of three local businesses that you would hate to see go out of business.  Go in and spend some money there.  Tell the owners that you’re shopping locally.  The 50 part has to do with spending $50 a month at independent, locally owned businesses.  According to the folks who are promoting the project, $68 out of every $100 spent at locally owned independent businesses is returned to the community.  $0 of money spent on the internet is returned to the community.

So what three locally owned independent businesses are important to you?

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  1. Dave you made some very valid points you buy local you are actually helping the community. I am starting to think that I should make an effort to go down town on a Saturday to by some fresh produce because they are way better than the store brand. Excellent post.

  2. I would really miss the Skate Inn if it went away.

  3. New Leaf Market
    Joe’s Bike Shop

    Of course, there are many others….but these are the top three.

  4. 1. Re3eye Coffee
    2. Black Dog Coffee
    3. All Saints Coffee

  5. Phase One Skateshop
    Mr. Roboto
    Fat Sandwich

    All these places have very friendly owners, great products and services and make me feel at home in Tally.
    Looks like I have some places to check out!

  6. Gordon’s String Music
    Native Nurseries
    Crystal Connection

  7. Fermentation Lounge
    Red Eye
    Fat Sandwich
    Bonus- 101!

  8. Green Peridot Salon
    Quarter Moon Imports
    New Leaf Market

  9. Paperback Rack
    Jeff’s Automotive
    Secret Headquarters Comics and Games

  10. Honest Engines
    New Leaf Market
    Trail and Ski

  11. Secret Headquarters Comics
    Fat Sandwich
    Bali Hi

    Plus I have to give props to the Tallahassee Rollergirls.

  12. I don’t have too many nights out in Tallahassee. I live out in the county, and my little community is pretty social. There’s lot’s to do within walking distance of my house. When I get home from a day working in town, sometimes I just want to sit on the porch and listen to the sounds from the woods.

    However, I do love going out and while there is the occasional bar and dinner date; mostly I come into the city for special events. That brings us to the Tallahassee Rollergirls. I’ve been hearing about them from friends and coworkers, and while going to a match sounded good, it never seemed to happen. Then I came across the club selling their knitting at a Railroad Square First Friday. That did it. The whole idea of a knitting roller derby club was just too endearing to ignore. My sweetie and I saw the opening match this season, and it was wonderful. Finally, a organized sport that actually makes sense. The match was exciting and the crowd was entertaining.

    We tried to do the last match (on my birthday), but a lack of planning on my part and the change of venue conspired to send us in another direction.

    Anyhow, yes. I agree. The Rollergirls are awesome.

  13. All Saints Cafe
    Fermentation Lounge
    Really Knit Stuff

    Hey, Dave! The Tallahassee Rollergirls have another home game on June 27, if you can make it. It’s against the Tragic City Rollers from Birmingham. This will be the first time Capital Punishment has played them. Should be a good one. It’s back at the regular venue at the North Florida Fairgrounds. Hope to see you there!

  14. New Leaf Market

    Wild Birds Unlimited (a North American chain, for sure, but it’s nice to have a shop HERE finally)

    Hopkins’ Eatery, both locations

    When a local establishment closes, sometimes it’s just an inconvenience because now you have to find another source for whatever the service or product. Other retailers – well, you might not realize for months that they even shuttered. These are my top 3, however, for which I would truly miss the staff as well as the service.
    Thanks for the props for TRG!

  15. I’ve avoided doing a review of Hopkins’ as both my brother and son work there now and my daughter used to work there. It wouldn’t be fair for me to write too much about the place. To me, for lots of reasons, I want to see Hopkins stay in business.

  16. Only three?!

    Skate Inn (otherwise I wouldn’t skate)
    Bacon n Bakin’ (otherwise I wouldn’t eat)
    Comic & Games of Tallahassee and Fermentation Lounge (otherwise I wouldn’t read or drink Tangerine Wheat)

  17. The Wall Street Journal is covering the 3/50 project but I heard about it first on the Tallycast. Thanks.

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