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Review: Soweto Street Beat


Saturday night was spectacular, and for those of you who missed it I will just shake my head and say, you missed it!!! The Soweto Street Beat event was Saturday evening as stated in a previous post . It brought back memories of beating the drums as a young child and also seeing the videos of the African dances. After watching the movie Shaka Zulu I recognized some of the dances that were done. Not that I am saying that they are the same but some of the movement could be seen. The dances done that evening were called Zulu Kingdom.

Seeing them in costume and hearing them singing in a foreign language not only caught your attention, but it really made you realize that their culture is rich.

They invited the children on stage and they also invited the mothers, who all showed off their skills as Zulu dancers. Several young children gave a hand at beating the drums, showing their budding talent.

The music brought a sense of warmth and you could not help it…you had to at least shake a toe to the beat.

Knowing that their mission is to reach out to troubled teens in South Africa and to give them an opportunity to see the world and to hope is amazing. They have a passion to perform and to dance. They love showing their culture to others, and that is what makes it special. The aim is to make Tallahassee a very cultural place.

To learn more  about Soweto Street Beat and the events and programs, please visit their website.

Vandy E.H. Prince-Russ (passionsista) lives in Tallahassee.  Sheis a technician, an avid gadget fan and a student at Devry University.

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