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The Blessing of the Bikes

blessingofthebikes_400Every time I ride my bike in Tallahassee, I think about friends who have been killed on bikes in accidents with cars and trucks.  It’s a dangerous place to ride and the City of Tallahassee doesn’t seem to pay much attention to bicycle infrastructure.

On Friday, May 1st, at 6PM, the annual “Blessing of the Bikes” happens in the Railroad Square Art Park.  It’s a non-denominational event with clerics from several spiritual traditions represented.  A local “bike saint” will be cannonized and fallen cyclists from Tallahassee and beyone will be remembered.

The event is free and open to all cyclists whether you’re a spandex wearing roadie, a fixie pirate, a weird recumbent rider or a bicycle commuter in a orange safety vest.  The Railroad Square Art Park is located on Railroad Avenue just south of the CSX level crossing; behind the lonely Amtrak station.

It’s a sweet event and one that I hope you’ll consider attending.  I also hope that you’ll call the Tallahassee City Commissioners at (850) 891-8181 and ask them what they’re doing to make bicycling safe in our city.

The poster for the event is the work of local artist Bill Oterson of Stupid Studio.   Bless us each and every one in which ever way we choose to be blessed.  Amen.

Dave Brightbill is the editor of the TallyCast and tries to attend Bike Church every Sunday.

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