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Saint Somewhere – Delicious and Made in Florida

somewheresaintI’m a big fan of Belgian ales. To me, a fresh De Koninck is a nice start, and a high alcohol ale like Kwak to to end it is a perfect evening in Belgium.

I do buy Belgian beers here in Tallahassee, but strongly believe that we need to support the home team and encourage the brewing of good beer in the United States.

Saint Somewhere qualifies as the home team.  It’s brewed in Tarpon Springs and is a small operation.  They sell their beer in 750 ml bottles with a caged cork.  Their Saison Athene is a lovely beer; tasty and refreshing.  I realize that it’s barely  spring and drinking a summer beer in the March is a bit gauche.

It’s just that we don’t have a lot to be proud of as far as Florida beers go but this beer is exceptional and the brewery worth supporting.  I bought my first bottle of it at the excellent Knightly Spirits in Orlando, one of the best beer stores in the entire state.   I liked it a lot and asked the nice folks at Market Square Liquor if they would consider carrying it.  They did and it’s on the shelf right now at their Mahan Drive store.  I suspect that if you ask for it at other locations, they’ll be glad to get it in for you.  You can also find it at New Leaf Market and usually at the Liquor Loft.

You can find ratings and tasting notes for Saint Somewhere Saison Athene here.  It’s a lot less hoppy than the IPA’s that are so popular now.  It has a lot more body and flavor than any of the mass produced American ales.  Saint Somewhere costs a couple of dollars more than Hennepin (another US brewed saison) but it’s worth the money.   Buy some and consider yourself a patron of the Florida arts.

Photo by Dave.  You can find more information on the brewery’s MySpace page.

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