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HAIR @ FSU Fallon Theatre

Original HAIR Poster

Original HAIR Poster

The FSU theatre program continues its production of HAIR until this Sunday (for a matinee).  It is a stellar show, with good staging, costumes, and singing.  Wednesday’s performance was only marred by some mismatched levels, where the instruments sometimes drowned out the singers.  Watching the show, it is noteworthy how much has changed, and how much hasn’t.  One ironic change is that whereas when it opened, the theater would be predominately filled by ‘1948’ older folks, who were trying to understand people like those depicted on stage, during today’s’ performances the theatre is predominatly filled with older folks who were ‘1968’, so when leaving the theater they were grousing about our current wars and government abuses, instead of about the ‘shocking’ language and nudity.

If you desire  more FSU Theatre, the next show is “She Stoops to Conquer” at the Lab Theatre Feb 27-Mar 8.  And next season is already announced with “The Violet Hour” Oct 2-11; “On The Town” Oct 23-Nov 1; “Waiting for Godot” Nov 6-15; “The Velveteen Rabbit” Nov 19-22; “Te World Goes ‘Round” 2010 Feb 12-21; and “Hamlet” 2010 Feb 26-Mar 7.  So go see a show, either now or later.

You can purchase tickets online for Hair and other FSU Theatre productions here.


  1. Holy Crap! I’m glad you mentioned this. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all week. I hope I can make it this weekend.

  2. What a bummer. The two remaining shows are sold out.

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