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Caution Dance Ahead

Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre

Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre

Tallahassee is blessed with wonderful opportunities to watch dance, thanks to the FSU Dance department.  Just last weekend, the MFA concert titled “Caution Dance Ahead” was performed on Friday and Saturday.  Two weeks prior to that the Dance Repertory was performed over a Friday and Saturday.  The performances take place at the fine Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre.  Most events are a very reasonable $5-20, depending on the event, and if you are a FSU student, then free.

The Dance Reperatory had pieces by what I’d guess to be all the students.  Pieces ranged from ballet to modern with musical accompaniment that ranged from classical to rock to advant garde noise pieces.  The first piece was particularly interesting, as two white walls were setup on the stage in the shape of a ‘V’, with it’s base missing, so the dancers could enter in the gap.  The outfits and music brought to mind cheery 50s era swing at a sock hop.  As the piece progressed, the dancers engage in a Simon Says like game, until, as it accelerates in speed, the dancers quit playing and try to break out of their enclosure.  In doing so, some new and interesting moves are performed, using the walls as another floor, either running up it, or with feet on wall and hands on the floor.  The piece ends with them figuring out they can climb over the wall, and helping each other escape, until the stage is empty.

“Caution Dance Ahead” was a MFA concert by Shauna Dever and Kirstin Kapustik.  Each piece was either choreographed by one of them or performed by one or both of them.  The dances were modern with music ranging from classical to modern to rock (with a Johnny Cash, a Bob Dylan, a CCR and a Doors song used).  One of the standout pieces here was “Fishbowl”, which was choreographed by Kapustik, wherein there was a single dancer, in a brightly colored dress, performing classical/ballroom moves.  Crossing the stage, in a haphazered manner, reminisent of a busy square in a city, were a multitude of people, all in blue jeans and black shirts.  They made no motion recognizing the single dancer.

If any of this has peeked your interest you should note the up coming shows this semester.

  • MFA Concert: March 27-28, 2009
  • Evening of Dance: April 16-18

And remember, it renews with fresh peformances every semester.

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