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What it is?

We have a winner..sort of.  See the comments! This object, apparently made of concrete and steel, is located in a very interesting and very historic location within a few blocks of the state captial.

We’re offering 10 imaginary TallyCast points to the first person who can identify the location of this object.timecapsule

If you can identify the history of this object, who placed it in it’s current location, and why it was placed there, we’ll give you 10 gazillion imaginary TallyCast points and be really impressed.

Congratulation to TallyCast reader Coral who identified this as a time capsule.  We won’t know until the box is opened one day, but I’m pretty sure that Coral is right. The new photo gives you a better view of where this object is located in the park.

I’m sure that someone knows the whole story on this thing and hope that they’ll speak up.

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  1. Is it something creepy from the old cemetery?

  2. I’ve seen it. I think it’s in front of the Old Capital by the steps.

  3. It might be something creepy but it’s not in a cemetery. It is on public land.

  4. is it something at the Vietnam memorial? If not give a hint North, South, East or West of the Capitol.

  5. It’s not in front of the Old Capital and it’s not at the Vietnam memorial. It’s North of FAMU and East of FSU.

  6. Something to do with the prime meridian monument?

  7. Nope…but it’s a great guess. Here’s a hint: Just look, Florida.

  8. Another clue: If you were standing on the pad at Quark, you could see this object.

  9. Is it on the grounds of St. Johns church downtown?

  10. Nope….another hint. It’s in a small and very historic city park.

  11. Looks like their are two hooks on top – is it an anchor for something? Or a memorial marker/time capsule?

  12. We have a winner; sort of. I think your second guess is correct, but I’m not sure. It’s in the park just to the west of the Turlington (State Dept. of Education – Just Read,y’all) building. I have a vague memory of there being a brass plaque on top of the thing back in the 1970’s when I worked in the Collins Building and used to eat lunch in the park. If memory is correct and there was a plaque on top, I don’t remember what it said, and apparently, neither does anyone at the Tallahassee City Parks and Recreation Department. I called them before I did the story and after many transfers, finally got to a guy who knew about the little concrete box and who was also wondering what it is.

    This little park (and the one across Gaines Street that now has the weird blue statue) were once part of the Tallahassee defenses; protecting the city from Indian attacks.

    I’m guessing that someone out there knows what this little casket shaped concrete box is for and hope that they’ll step up before the city digs it up and hauls it off to the dump in order to place another piece of public “art”.

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