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Hash House Harriers

Hashing” has been described as “a drinking club with a running problem”.  A hash is a sort of hare and hounds race with beer drinking at the beginning, the end and sometimes, along the way.  The hare lays a trail using chalk, flour or other biodegradable substances.  The hounds attempt to follow the trial which is often a bit confused.  It’s a wacky and fun culture and a whole lot of fun.  Hashing started among British soldiers stationed in Malaysia looking for a bit of fun.  The initial club was named the “Hash House Harriers; “Hash House” in honor of the bad food at their billet and “Harriers” because of the “hare and hounds” nature of the event.

Today there are thousands of hashing clubs all over the world including one right here in Tallahassee and they’re sponsoring a pub crawl on Friday, Oct. 31st.  Newbees are welcomed and ‘honored’.   This email from the Tallahassee kennel might give you a hint about the kind of fun you can have at a hash:

Achtung!!!!!!!!! Acthung!!!!!!!
Greetings to the _T@AH3_ (mailto:T@AH3) Hashers of Tallahassee. Do you have
an aching Tongue for beer and conversation, some painful erge to cross dress
but never the right time, are you tired of the election overload??? Or just
some other excuse to see what antics Fire in the Hole, Peel in Eat, or Bush
Diver might come up with????

Friday night 10/31/08 at 7:00 meet at BW3″s and prepare yourselves for some
Ghoulish fun and Haunting memories for a Pub Crawl in Tally.
Prizes for best costume male/female, most scary, and original will be
awarded to those who are over achievers!!!!!!

Was that an aching tongue, or act like your hung???? Can’t wait to find
This was a Concept Message approved by Fire in the Hole and Peel and Eat.
Thank-You for your support!!!
Cell# 850 559 8507

The image of a San Francisco Hash House Harriers event (above) is by Flickr user Torroid and is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution License.  You can find a Wikipedia article about hashing here.


  1. oh man, I remember this group! they were all arrested and detained for a couple weeks on bioterrorism charges weren’t they? Apparently people don’t take kindly to large piles of white powder just sitting around unattended 😉

  2. Oooh.. Im an inactive and lazy member of the LH3, in Lisbon, Portugal. Never get to hear much about the HASH in US cities… fun.

  3. to all my buddies at t&ah3………….. ON-ON! please start emailing me the hash schedule so I can try to attend more “home” hashes. call me 545-7518……… to all, double down

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