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Formal Voting – I’m Dressing Up!

Back in 1960, when this photo was taken in Greensboro, North Carolina, I was 10 years old and “voting while black” was close to a crime in many parts of this country.     Brave men and women stood up and sometimes sat in and our country was changed forever.  “Freedom Riders”; black and white; men and women; came to the South and worked for justice.  Some people were hurt and some people died.

In a very few weeks, if the polls prove accurate, the United States of America may well have it’s first African American president.

Like two of the men in this photo (from the Smithsonian collection), many of the early civil rights workers came to actions dressed in a suit and tie.  In honor of those hero’s and to mark this historical occasion, I’m going to vote on November 4th dressed in my best suit and tie.

I hope that you’ll consider joining me in honoring our nations civil rights heros, and dress up to make a statement about how important it is to vote and how important this election is for every one of us.  Remember, the election is Tuesday, November 4th.  I’m Dave Brightbill and I approve this message.

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  1. That this important Civil Rights picture and commentary showed up on the same page as an ad FOR California’s prop 8 is highly disturbing. Prop 8 is the CA Proposition that would overturn the CA Supreme Courts decision that made same sex marriage, legal last year.

    Are you suggesting civil rights for some, but not for others? This is most distressing.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the unfortunate Google Ad placement. Google ads are viewer and geo specific. There is a way to filter what ads go on a site and I will attempt to exclude Prop 8 ads. It would be easier if I knew the specific URL that was being offered.

    I don’t know much about politics in California; but here in Florida the same “family first” hate groups are pushing Prop. 2 which is also a “marriage protection” amendment. In this case, it not only eliminates same sex marriages but also eliminates legal and financial benefits for domestic partners regardless of their genders.

    Please accept my apology.


  3. Thanks Dave. It seems like that ad was removed and is not showing up any more when i click on the link to your blog.

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