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Movie theater gem at FSU

Greg Drzazgowski

The Student Life Center movie theater. Photo by: Greg Drzazgowski

Tallahassee, do you like movies?  Other then the multiplexes, or All Saints Cinema (slogan: Best Movie Theater in a Train Station) there is another gem that non-FSU students may be unaware of, the Student Life Cinema in the Askew Student Life Center (  Non-students can attend for the mere entry fee of five dollars.  During the weekend fare tends to run along the lines of recent popular films (sort of like the dollar theater, but concessions are cheap so possibly an equal value).  The real prize is during the week where independent and classic films like My Winnipeg (10/21-22), Recount (10/28-29) and Dog Day Afternoon (11/10) play.  In addition they do special events, like showing Fellini’s 8 1/2 on 11/18 and having a panel discussion.

One of my favorite events is the annual mini-Middle East Film Festival.  Just last week the fifth annual festival wrapped up.  Six movies over six days, with some having multiple showings.  The director of “On the Count of Zero” and the director of “Voisins, Voisines” were in attendance to answer questions after their films.  The highlight of the festival for me was “The Edge of Heaven”.  The screenplay, by German-Turkish writer/director Fatih Akin’s, won at Cannes Film Festival in 2007.  This was a wonderful meditative film about life, death, country, and love.  Broken up into three parts, tension is raised by titling the parts with ‘Death of…’ character we haven’t even met yet.  We criss-cross between Turkey and Germany with Turkish and German citizens coming together and apart in joyous and painful ways.  Somehow it all works and you come out of the theater appreciating the pain and beauty in life.

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