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That booming sound on the East side of the county.

Feu d'artifice lors de la fête du lac d'Annecy 2005 - Firework of Lake of Annecy festival 2005 Photography by Semnoz, August 2005

There have been a lot of booms in the clear night sky lately.  No, despite what you heard, the Russians have not invaded Thomasville and there are no alien invaders in Jefferson County.  Most likely those booms are fireworks.  I know that the big days for fireworks are the 4th of July and New Years Eve, but more and more, any day is a good day for fireworks.  There are several “licensed shooters” in the area who have the necessary experience and permits.  I’ve come across several firework displays in my North Florida travels lately, including an especially appropriate and moving one at a friends memorial service.

In Florida, we have organizations for just about everything.  For professional and pro-am fireworks makers and shooters in Florida, the organization is the Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild.  Members include the folks who put on fireworks shows every night at the big  parks down south, and amateurs who “roll their own”.   In 1992, FPAG set a world’s record for a self-propelled 47 feet 4 inches diameter horizontal firework wheel.  The wheel burned for 3 minutes and 45 seconds and reports say it was spectacular.  Every fall, the organization holds a meeting at a private location in Jefferson County.  The event is closed to the public, but if you happen to be on the right dirt road at the right time on the right night, you might just see something amazing.

So don’t worry about the boom-boom.  It’s just folks being exuberant in tough times.

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  1. Actually, I’m making no guarantees about aliens in Jefferson County.

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