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Unsung Local Hero’s

Photograph taken by - we are all busy drying out and picking up, it seems to me to be a good time to say thanks to the unsung hero’s of our community.  While most of us were staying out of the rain and wind during Tropical Storm Fay, utility workers from our area electric utilities were out on the road, doing a dangerous job in really bad weather.

After Fay passed, all utilities in my neighborhood were back in service by Tuesday morning.  When you look at all the trees down in our area, and all the work that had to be done, that’s really remarkable.

City utility workers earn (according to the City web site) between $8.56 and $19.61 an hour.  That’s small money for doing this dangerous, necessary work.  So three cheers for our utility workers, whether their trucks say “City of Tallahassee”, “Talquin Electric”, “Florida Power” or something else.

Please join me in saying thanks for making all of our lives better.

The photo accompaing this article is not of a local utility crew.  It’s of a lineman working in my old hometown of Urbana, Illinois.  Photograph taken by Dori.
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