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Another Cyclist Killed in Tallahassee

The image is of an innovative solution to bicycle intersection accidents being tested in Portland, Oregon.  A “Bike Box” is a 14 foot deep zone at the front of a lane of traffic at an intersection.  The box is reserved for bicycles.  Motor vehicles are required to stop behind the box.  The system appears to be working well in Portland and is among the innovative bicycle infrastructure improvements that should be looked at here in Tallahassee.

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Update – According to comments on local blog,, Arthur Hayworth was known as “Trey”.   Commenter anima_left_hand said, “Trey was probably the safest cyclist I knew.” Local cyclists are organizing a memorial ride for Saturday.  A white ghostbike will be left at the scene to remind us all how fragile life is and how vulnerable cyclists are to motor vehicles.

Earlier this summer, after the death of another local cyclist, County Commissioner Cliff Thaell suggested that  government needs to address the issue of bicycle safety in our community.  With this most recent death, I believe that the time for action is now.  Other communities have made a commitment to bicycle safety.  It’s time for Tallahassee and Leon County to step up.

Please contact your city commissioners and county commissioners and ask them what they are going to do to improve the safety conditions for bicycle riders in our community.

Posted 8/18/08 – As I was driving down Gaines Street this afternoon about 6PM, the right lane was blocked by a number of City of Tallahassee Police Cars. A semi truck was pulled over in front of St. Michaels Pub. It turns out that Arthur Hayworth was hit by a semi as he road his bicycle North on Railroad Ave. He died at the hospital. Details are sketchy at this time.

Image from Trey’s Facebook page.

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