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The Sauce Boss

Bill Wharton at the Bradfordville Blues Club

Available light photo from last night at the
Bradfordville Blues Club.

If you like hot North Florida Blues, and hot deliciousness in your sauce, you just have to check out the Sauce Boss, Bill Wharton. Bill’s been playing music and cooking gumbo for 18 years now. He’s played all over the US and in Europe. Going to a performance is a lot more than an evening of music. At the beginning of his first set, Bill turns on the gas on a big burner and puts the gumbo pot on the flame. Over the next few hours the gumbo gets ingredients added to it and simmers away while Bill and his amazing band, the Ingredients, play some amazing music.

During the breaks, he sells his CD’s and his Liquid Summer hot sauce. I’m a big hot sauce fan and Bills is absolutely the best I’ve had. It’s always a sad day when my bottle runs low but I know I can find a replacement at New Leaf Market or the Black Dog.  I miss the days when it was sold in a big bottle, but times change and it’s still amazing stuff.

When the music is over and the gumbo ready, Bill serves it up to the waiting crowd. His gumbo is deliciousness but it’s even better knowing that it’s free. Bill says he’s served over 150,000 free bowls of gumbo so far in his career.

If you haven’t discovered the Sauce Boss yet, head on over to his web site at for some culinary and musical wonder.

Speaking of musical goodness; the Bradfordville Blues Club was packed last night for Bill’s concert. It’s a short drive for your townies; out Bradfordville road. The owners have been bringing in some amazing acts and it’s worth the ride. Their web site is here.

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