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Bo Diddley, RIP

I knew Diddley. I didn’t know him well, but one Memorial Day weekend some years back, I was assigned to be Mr. Diddley’s security guard for a public concert. I’ve done that for several big time musicians. Mr. Diddley was the nicest. He was traveling with his grandson or great nephew. That kid had his own talent. When I showed up, he smiled, introduced himself and asked my name, which he used the rest of our short time together.

When he was packing up and hitting the road after the end of the show, he shook my hand again and said, “David; you tell people that you know Diddley.” I just did.

Bo Diddley made some crazy guitars and some crazy music. I wish I could play you one of his tunes on a podcast, but I can’t. That doesn’t stop you from seeking out a recording of the master.

Bo Diddley died in Jacksonville.

Bo Diddley
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